Pics from Questhaven

I’m at the airport in San Diego, waiting to board my flight home after a wonderful week long retreat at the Zen Center of San Diego, which was capped off by a 3-day sesshin organized by ZCSD at the Questhaven retreat center, located in the chaparral-covered hills of northern San Diego county. This was my first time at Questhaven, where ZCSD has held their June sesshins for the past 12 or so years. What a wondrous, beautiful place. As you can see, lots of trails perfect for gatha walking meditation, which was a formal part of the daily retreat schedule (there were even some optional gatha walks at night, done without any artificial light: the deep darkness really heightened one’s awareness of the environment–the texture of the ground, the smells of the vegetation, the sounds of one’s fellow walkers both in front and behind). Schedule permitting, I hope to be back here next June. If anyone’s looking for a sesshin to do next year, I recommend this one warmly. Below are some pics I took before and just after sesshin. The final two sittings were held outdoors, in the shade of a tree.