Class Audio Recordings

I’ve decided to start posting audio recordings of recent Tuesday evening “Intro to Zen” classes. These recordings are not for the general public: a password will be required to access them. I’m posting these recordings for folks who have attended the “Intro to Zen” class in person before but cannot make it to a given class (or a set of classes) because they are sick, out of town, or away for the summer (or a semester). If you’ve attended the “Intro to Zen” class before and would like to hear the recording for a class (or a set of classes) that you couldn’t be present for, please write me (at to receive the password (I may change the password from time to time; if the password you’ve received stops working, email me to get an updated one). I’ll keep recordings posted online for about a month, to give folks time to listen to them, and then delete older recordings as I add new ones. I plan to keep no more than four class recordings posted at one time. My intention is not to create a complete audio archive of all classes; just to make it possible for group members who cannot attend to keep up with (and stay connected to) the classes.

To access the password protected page that has the recordings, click here.