Guided meditation: instructions for open awareness practice

During tonight’s “Intro to Zen” class, I led an instructional guided meditation that walked folks through what I consider to be the key elements of open awareness practice. The elements that I covered were:

  • Posture (and why it’s good to refrain from moving during meditation)
  • Awareness of the breath (in the nose, chest, and belly)
  • Awareness of the body (sensations, overall feel of the body)
  • Awareness of the environment (sounds)
  • Putting it all together: awareness of breath, body, and environment
  • What to do with thoughts (wordless noting, generic labeling, or precise thought-labeling?)
  • How to work with unpleasant sensations/emotions (like pain or difficult emotions)

An audio recording of tonight’s full class (which includes some introductory remarks and the Q&A session afterwards) is now uploaded to the “class audio recordings” section of this blog and will remain there for the next few weeks. This is the audio recording of just the instructional guided meditation portion of the class.

Guided Meditation: Instructions for Open Awareness Practice