Ezra Bayda on Student-Teacher Relationship

During last night’s Intro to Zen class, I mentioned in passing that anyone who is serious about meditation practice will want, at some point, to find a teacher to work with. I also reiterated that I myself am not a Zen teacher. I have been encouraged by my own teacher, Ezra Bayda, to run this practice group (as part of my own ongoing Zen training), but I do not have authorization to take on students. For those who feel they might want to think about finding a teacher to work closely with, I wanted to share some pages that Ezra wrote (in his book Zen Heart) on the student-teacher relationship. This text will give you a sense of why that relationship can be so important to one’s spiritual development. It also offers some advice about how to go about finding a teacher and discusses some of the difficulties you might encounter in your relationship with a teacher. It’s good stuff, and I recommend it.