Elizabeth Hamilton on Core Pain (and how to practice with it)

Here is an excerpt from Elizabeth Hamilton’s book, Untrain Your Parrot: And Other No-Nonsense Instructions on the Path of Zen, in which she discusses “core pain” — what it is and how to practice with it. If the idea of “core pain” resonates with you, and you’d like to know more about it and how it might be healed by means of skillful Zen practice, check this text out. I recommend it. (For years, I used Zen practice as a way to avoid facing — to spiritually bypass — my own core pain; but then I had a few conversations with Elizabeth about core pain, in which she reminded me that it can be worked with and even healed, and those conversations marked a major turning point in my practice life. I’m so grateful for her teachings on this topic, and I wanted to share them with the group.) Click here to access a PDF of the excerpt. The following is just the beginning of the excerpt: